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No warranties


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Medical advice


Whilst using the SAAD Score it is vitally important you do not depend upon the general advice and guidance in relation to COVID-19 risk as a substitute to actual medical advice from professionals such as your doctor or alternative healthcare providers.


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Interactive features


As users will be able to interact with the authors on the website to a certain extent, it is imperative users understand that due to this limited type of interaction, advice and guidance in relation to COVID-19 risk may be only partial, may contain omissions and oversights, and could even be inaccurate or erroneous.


Whilst using the SAAD Score, all advice and guidance in relation to COVID-19 risk must be strictly treated as general advice and as a guide only. It is not designed to replace any medical advice from professionals such as your doctor or alternative healthcare provider. Therefore the advice and guidance provided may require further clarification from an independent source for verification purposes.

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Limits upon exclusions of liability


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